Ever wondered what exactly is volunteer engagement? Recruiting volunteers is but a start to real engagement. What are the elements of a good volunteer management framework and how do we meaningfully engage and motivate volunteers to be active citizens within our community?

If you’re new to volunteer management, refer to 12 elements overview, or browse NVPC’s volunteer management manual and checklist.

Doing Good Well

If you have some experience in volunteer management, refer to the elements below. We have specially chosen articles on volunteer management from around the world for you.

NCSS has developed a Volunteer Management Toolkit for the social service sector. The toolkit “focuses on attracting and managing regular volunteers” and “takes reference” from NVPC’s publication above.

Volunteer Management Elements

Element 1: Planning and Resources Element 7: Volunteer-Employee Relationships
Element 2: Staffing Element 8: Supervision
Element 3: Volunteer Work Design Element 9: Recognition
Element 4: Recruitment Element 10: Record-Keeping and Reporting
Element 5: Interviewing and Screening Element 11: Evaluation
Element 6: Orientation and Training Element 12: Volunteer Input