NVPC‘s Knowledge Hub aims to catalyse and sustain a community of practitioners that create and share knowledge on best practices in volunteerism, online and offline. We started with volunteer management because it is under-resourced compared to attention (and budget) devoted to fundraising. (In future, we’ll have more content on corporate giving and grantmaking.)

Knowledge Hub aims to offer you these benefits:

  • Quality content curated from Singapore and around the world for Singapore context.
  • Timely access online, around the clock, from wherever you are, from computer and mobile phone. Get answers to questions “just in time”, when you need it, instead of just waiting for a seminar or using a generic search engine.
  • Scalability,  where learning is many-to-many. Someone asks a question, someone answers, and others learn with you. As more people learn and share experiences, collective learning grows.

Communities of practice offer a direct link between learning and performance:

  • Problem solving: “Can we work on this and brainstorm? I’m stuck.”
  • Seeking experience: “Has anyone dealt with a donor in this situation?”
  • Reusing assets: “I have a template. Feel free to use or modify it.”

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Copyright and terms of use

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